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The strength of our company is in our employees' ability to repair/refurbish computer products effectively, efficiently, timely and at very competitive prices. Our failure rates are extremely low and turnaround time is very fast. Our technicians have been able to repair all makes and models and we have access to out-of-warranty and end-of-life parts. If we can't repair it we will let you know up-front....

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Atlanta Printer Repair offers top rated and professional Printer Repair in Atlanta. [Read More]

  • Printer Repair:
    Repair of laptops, laptop screens, data storage, all types of printers (laser, inkjet, dot matrix & thermal), UPS's, credit card keyboards, credit card terminals & POS equipment. We are also your source for top quality compatible ink and toner cartridges. These cartridges are 100% guaranteed to your satisfaction! Call for pricing.
  • Specialties:
    Repair of data storage, all printers (laser, inkjet, dot matrix & thermal), UPS's, credit card keyboards, credit card terminals & POS equipment.
  • Top Brands:
    We service all computer hardware brands!

Hardware Repair Tips

Hardware Repair Tips

Atlanta Printer Repair provides detailed tips and information on the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice. [Printer Repair ]

Atlanta Repair Service | Professionally & Affordably Maintain All Your Printers

Printers can produce sharp images and documents within seconds.  However, your machine requires maintenance and proper care to ensure that it provides you with consistent results.  In the event that your printing equipment fails or breaks down, you should turn to Atlanta Printer Repair for help.

Why You Need Professional Help


While some printer owners may attempt to repair their printer on their own to save money, the complexities that lie inside the printer call for the experience and training of an expert who is capable of making the repair without creating further damage. 

A simple repair job can turn into an expensive repair or replacement when an inexperienced individual tries to resolve the issue without the proper tools and training.  These machines cost several hundred and even thousands of dollars, which is why hiring a professional is so important. 

Why Atlanta Printer Repair Is The Preferred Choice


Our experienced repair technicians have the proficiency and equipment to repair your printer without any difficulty.  Using the latest in techniques and following the manufacturer guidelines, our specialists can isolate the problem, remove any obstruction and replace the part. 

Our company is capable of repairing all makes and models, including laser and inkjet printers, all-in-one printers and more.  We also perform routine maintenance that will ensure that your printouts are free of any toner marks or obstructions. 

We understand how important it is to have a fully functioning printer.  Business and residential printer owners no longer have to struggle with printers that operate sporadically or machines that are no longer functional.  You will be able to continue your personal or business work with confidence.

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Rather than spending more money on purchasing a new machine, you can turn to a reputable professional who has the right skill set.  Contact Atlanta Printer Repair today to schedule an appointment!